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Yassir Bashar holds a cell phone photo of a letter from his wife, who is imprisoned by ISIS in Raqqa, Syria.  She wrote him a letter that was carried to him by a hostage released by ISIS. "I miss you so much," she wrote. "We are now in a bad situation," she explained. "I asked Najway to bring you this message." When ISIS swept through his village, they captured his wife Khaida and killed one of his two sons, along with two of Yassir's brothers. After a year in captivity, his younger son,  Sezar, 5, was released and brought to Germany with his sister and her husband. Yassir arrived in Greece last month to find the border closed. Yassir recently moved from Idomeni camp to Petra, a camp exclusively for Yazidis, who say they were fearful living among so many Muslims. He is trying desperately to reunite with his son and sister in Germany.