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Mirwais Qayuomy, 24, worked for the Afghanistan Youth Organization. In Greece, he and his friends waited five days under pouring rain waiting to register with Greek authorities. During the trip from Turkey to Greece, the engine of the boat he was traveling in failed. Finally Greek Coast Guard rescued the immigrants and brought them to Lesbos island. “Here there is no place for sleeping and there are a lot of people” he explains. As many as 6000 people, he estimated, were camped outside the registration point. His six friends shared a tent for four, but woke up in the morning soaking wet. The rain had penetrated the tent and the grounds around had turned into a sea of mud. <br />
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The last few years in Afghanistan, security had improved, he says, but since 2014, the situation dramatically declined. He says he was threatened by the Taliban, who asked him, “Why do you give good information to the young people of Afghanistan?” and insisted he leave the country.